Monday, May 29, 2017

Personalized Mobile phone cover

Harry Potter phone cover

Good morning everyone, just as promised i'm doing apost about some personalized phone covers I create yesterday. 

To does of you who read my previous post, you already know that I went to primark and found some amazing decals. 
So I have this idea of doing some perdonalized phone covers. 

My phone is not one of the most popular so I have some difficulties to find great covers for it, harry potter related one's are so expensive that I do not buy them. 

So I went to a store where there are simple and plain covers and buy three. One is a black front and back case and the other two are silicone covers (white and pink).

Let me show you how they end up. 

This is the black case where I add a Hogwarts crest in gold.
Really like the result,I think it is simple but at the same time imposing. 

The second case I decided to dedicated to my Hogwarts house, Ravenclaw. 
So I put the mascot of that house (a black eagle) on a white bottom. Again it is a simple design but I really like it. 

In the last one I put the deadly hallows symbol. The cover is pink wich turn it very feminine. 

I really like all the designs but my favorite one are the first (the black and gold).
What do you guys think of them? What is your favorite? Leave a comment and subscribe to know more about harry potter stuff.

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