Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Book Review: Dreamer's Pool (Blackthorn & Grim #1) by Juliet Marillier

Dreamer's Pool

In exchange for help escaping her long and wrongful imprisonment, embittered magical healer Blackthorn has vowed to set aside her bid for vengeance against the man who destroyed all that she once held dear. Followed by a former prison mate, a silent hulk of a man named Grim, she travels north to Dalriada. There she'll live on the fringe of a mysterious forest, duty bound for seven years to assist anyone who asks for her help. 

Oran, crown prince of Dalriada, has waited anxiously for the arrival of his future bride, Lady Flidais. He knows her only from a portrait and sweetly poetic correspondence that have convinced him Flidais is his destined true love. But Oran discovers letters can lie. For although his intended exactly resembles her portrait, her brutality upon arrival proves she is nothing like the sensitive woman of the letters.

With the strategic marriage imminent, Oran sees no way out of his dilemma. Word has spread that Blackthorn possesses a remarkable gift for solving knotty problems, so the prince asks her for help. To save Oran from his treacherous nuptials, Blackthorn and Grim will need all their resources: courage, ingenuity, leaps of deduction, and more than a little magic."

This is the first book from a new series by Juliet Marillier and so i had to get my hands on it. I just love all her books and although this is not one of my favorites it was a good start for a series and i will definitely continue to read it. 

Here we get to know Blackthorn and Grim two characters with an enormous baggage from their past who meet each other in the most precarious situation. Their relationship evolves naturally to a friendship and i love to see it happens, i'm super curious to know more about Grim's past and when i read about Blackthorn's one i cry like a baby. 
One of the things you could expect while reading this author's books is that you will get emotional for sure, she has a way of creating worlds and characters with whom you can relate and this is the first step for you to care so much that you "live" the plot story like if it was yours. 

Another main character in the first book from this series is Oran, the prince from Dalriada and the owner of the land's where Blackthorn and Grim end up creating their home. Again i like this character and he was not what i was expecting from a Prince. I did not know if we are going to see Oran in future books but i hope so, because i would like to see what happens to him after the final of Dreamer's Pool. 

If you have already read her previous books you could guess where the plot line is going but i have to say that i did not see a little twist that happens at the end. In general it is a good book and i recommend it to every reader you likes fantasy that takes place in a magical world. 

I end up giving this book 3.4 out of 5* just because i think it a little slow paced at first. I understand that this is the beginning of a series and i hope the next one get's better in the cadence of the story. 

Monday, February 26, 2018

Book Review: Everless (Everless #1) by Sara Holland


"Time is a prison. She is the key. Packed with danger, temptation and desire - a perfect read for fans of The Red Queen. 

In the land of Sempera, the rich control everything - even time. Ever since the age of alchemy and sorcery, hours, days and years have been extracted from blood and bound to iron coins. The rich live for centuries; the poor bleed themselves dry.

Jules and her father are behind on their rent and low on hours. To stop him from draining himself to clear their debts, Jules takes a job at Everless, the grand estate of the cruel Gerling family.

There, Jules encounters danger and temptation in the guise of the Gerling heir, Roan, who is soon to be married. But the web of secrets at Everless stretches beyond her desire, and the truths Jules must uncover will change her life for ever ... and possibly the future of time itself.

I have seen this book for quite a time now in the bookstagram community and i fall in love with the theme and the cover, so when i discover that my first box ever from fairyloot would bring this i was beyond myself with excitement. 

I liked the plot a lot, what was not to like? The world created by the author is terrific and the ideas that are present in this book are so imaginative. I really like to read fantasy, however if you read so many books as i do you end up comparing them all and see little things that you recognize from something you have already read before. In this one i do not get that sense, the plot line is so unique and different that i have to devour it asap to know more and more. 

For me the only downside of this book was the romantic part, i really like to see a good romance in fantasy books and in this book we do not get that. I'm expecting it to grown up in the next book and i'm pretty sure that i know who will it be with. As for the final, OMG i was not expecting it! Let me say there are twists and turns but nothing comparing to this final.... i was left speechless. 

I end up giving this one 4.3 out of 5 * for all the things i describe before, i would love to give it more but the romance.... well i just hope that i will give 5 * to the second book. I definitely recommend it to every fantasy lover out there and let me say that so far it was in my top 3 of this year. 

Friday, February 23, 2018

Book Review: The Sinner (Rizzoli & Isles, #3 by Tess Gerritsen

The Sinner 
by Tess Gerritsen

"Not even the icy temperatures of a typical New England winter can match the bone-chilling scene of carnage discovered at the chapel of Our Lady of Divine Light. Within the cloistered convent lie two nuns–one dead, one critically injured–victims of an unspeakably savage attacker. 

The brutal crime appears to be without motive, but medical examiner Maura Isles’s autopsy of the dead woman yields a shocking surprise: Twenty-year-old Sister Camille gave birth before she was murdered. Then another body is found, mutilated beyond recognition.

Together, Isles and homicide detective Jane Rizzoli uncover an ancient horror that connects these terrible slaughters. As long-buried secrets come to light, Maura Isles finds herself drawn inexorably toward the heart of an investigation that strikes close to home–and toward a dawning revelation about the killer’s identity too shattering to consider.

This is the 3º book from Rizzoli and Isles series and i was so surprised when i start it and discover that this one is written mostly in Maura Isles POV. I liked a lot the opportunity to see more of her thoughts and to get to know her better and of course the few chapters about Rizzoli are also very interesting. Tess can create characters that you can relate to and that you want to help in any way during the hard parts of the plot, this is one of the best things in her books. 

About the crime itself it was imaginative but not very surprising, i discover the who and why of it before the disclosure of the book, but there are some twists that i did not see coming. I can't read this series without imagining the actors from the TV series and while this is not a problem it abhors me because in a book i like the free rein to imagine and create my own images and ideas. 

I gave this book 4,1 out of 5*, it is a series i will continue to read and it surprise me how easy of a read it was because this genre normally is a heavy read and this one was the opposite. 
I recommend it to everyone how like the TV series and also to any mystery reader love. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Fairyloot_ Unboxing January 2018

If you don't guess already i will tell you that i love books! 

I have always wanted to receive a subscription box based on books but i have the problem with the shipping costs (usually they are more expensive than the boxes itself) so when i found Fairyloot i was so so so happy. 

For those of you that do not know about this company, Fairyloot is a UK’s popular book subscription service that gives to you monthly a box filled with bookish goodies and a recent release book. They have a montlhy theme and you could expect a young adult book related to that theme. 
If you want to know more about it here go the Fairyloot Site
For me the box cost 29,34 € (26.00£) and the shipping is 8,35 € (7.13£). 

Without further ado let's get right to the unboxing. 

The January theme was " Talk Faerie to Me"

Let's start with the book of the month, it was The Cruel Prince by Holly Black and i was so happy since this book was in my wish list and i will end up buying it at some point. 
One thing i have to refer is that the book in these boxes comes always in a booksleeve with the fairy design you could see on the box itself, i just love this detail because it shows how much they care for the books and how much effort the put in the details and making sure the costumer received good items. 
Joining the book we have every  month a letter from the author and a signed bookplate, i just love these little touches and they make me sure i will continue to subscribe this for a very long time. 

Also every month we received a bookmark with the theme of the month, i have a collection of bookmarks and omg these designs from the themes are just gorgeous, so i'm so happy they make this a recurrent thing in the boxes. Especially this month we get a set of magnetic bookmarks from ACOTAR that presents Rhys and Feyre in theiIllyrian fighting clothes, i was absolutely in love with those and i'm now considering to buy more and start also a magnetic bookmark collection. 

The biggest thing we get this month is a pillowcase from ACOTAR with the sentence "Only you can decide what breaks you". the design was magnificent, i love the colors and the sentence and this will be living in my bed for sure. 

One of the things i like most (besides books) are candles, so when i receive bookish candles i just went mad =D this box brings a candle featuring a character from the book we received (the cruel prince) and it just smells amazing.  Also related to the book we get a lip balm, you could have received two different kinds (Seelie or Unseelie) and i got the Seelie one, i'm not sure it i will use it or if it will sit in my bookshelf. 

Another thing you could expect, if not every month almost every month, are book prints. As the bookmark we received one from the month theme with the same design, and these month we get more 3 book print. One from the same character that the candle feature, and two from ToG series featuring Rowan and Aelin. The backside of these prints have sentence related so you could use it the way you like best. 

Last we get a coloring book with fairy themes, i like very much to color when i'm listening to audiobooks but i do not know if i will use this one because the designs are so beautiful in black and with. 

I gave this box 4.5 out of 5* i just love it. My favorite item (i will not consider the book) was the magnetic bookmark and the less favorite one was the lip balm. 

The next month theme is "Twisted Tales" and i was so anxious and excited to receive it. I just have a guess what the book will going to be, and let's hope i'm right.  
Do you receive this box? if so tell me what did you think of these month. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

January Book Haul

Every reader knows that buying books when you have a TBR (to be read) pile the size of a little country is something essential.  So let's dive right into my January book Haul! 

I buy 16 books in January with a total amount of 99,54 € (88.15 £) (so much for self control) and this month i discover amazing places to buy very cheap books, that i will link down below for you guy's to check out. Remember that i'm Portuguese so some of the sites and books i buy are in this language and some are in English. 

Here is my book haul list: 
. Julieta by Anne Fartier (5€) buy in a little book fair at a train station in Lisbon
. Shadow and Bone book box trilogy by Leigh Bardugo (25,49€) buy at Bookdepository
Crown of Midnight by Sara J. Maas (8,94€) buy at Bookdepository
A court of Wings and Ruin by Sara J. Maas (8,67€) buy at Bookdepository
Fireblood by Elly Blake (10,72) buy at Bookdepository
Mãos Desaparecidas by Robert Wilson (3,50€) buy at Bookmaniacs
Morte de Lord Edgware by Agatha Christie (3,50€) buy at Bookmaniacs
Belladona by Anne Bishop (6,50€) buy at Bookmaniacs
. The Dream Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon (2,94€) buy at Awesomebooks
. Sins of the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon (2,94€) buy at Awesomebooks
. Dark Side of the Moon by Sherrilyn Kenyon (2,94€) buy at Awesomebooks
. Unleash the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon (2,94€) buy at Awesomebooks
. Dark Deeds at Night's Edge by Kresley Cole (3,05€) buy at Awesomebooks

I'm really happy with this list and i can't wait to read all of them!
Here are the sites where i buy my books this month: 

Tell me in the comments what books you buy this past month and based on my buys if you have something you recommend me. Have a great reading month =D

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

January Wrap Up & February TBR

January is over and we already start the second month of the year (time really flies) so i will talk a little about my January Wrap Up and my future TBR pile for February. 

In the first month of 2018 i read a total of 9 books divided between physical books (7), ebooks(1) and audiobooks(1), with a total page count of 3154. My reading list was the following:
Trone of Glass by Sarah J. Maas 
Physical book, read during 5 days
The Crown by  Kiera Cass
Physical books, read during 1 day
A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas 
Physical book, read during 10 days
Fairest by Marissa Meyer
Audiobook, listen during 7 days
Sinful in Satin by Madeline Hunter 
Physical book, read during 6 days
The Sinner by Tess Geritsen 
Physical book, read during 4 days
Everless by Sara Holland 
Physical book, read during 4 days
The Assassin and the Pirate Lord by Sarah J. Maas 
Ebook (Short Story), read during 1 day
SunKissed by Sarah J. Maas 
Physical book, read during 4 days

I really had a good reading month and in general i like all the books i read. 
My favorite one was A court of Mist and Fury, i end up giving it 4.9 out of 5* and it was a book that make me think of the plot and the characters for day's after i finish it. The less favorite book of January was Sinful in Satin, i like it but it was the book that makes me less anxious to finish and the plot was not super exciting. 
This month i have two favorite covers: Everless and The Crown. OMG did you guy's saw this gorgeous and breathtaking covers? If not go see them ASAP and i'm sure you will fall in love with them. 

Now for my February TBR! In most part i'm a mood reader but i usually can stick to a monthly TBR because when i decide it i choose books that i'm in a mood to read. This month i intend to go through 12 books, but i have to confess that 4 of them are short stories, so without further ado here is my list: 

.  Winter by Marissa Meyer
 The Assassin and the Healer by Sarah J. Maas
 The Assassin and the Desert by Sarah J. Maas
 The Assassin and the Underworld by Sarah J. Maas
 The Assassin and the Empire by Sarah J. Maas
 A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas
 Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas
 The Cruel Prince by Holly Black 
 Dreamer's Pool by Juliet Marillier
 Body Double by Tess Geritsen
 Midnight's Captive by Donna Grant
 Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop

Tell me what do you thought of my TBR list, did you have one yourself? share it with me in the comments. 
Have a wonderful month and many great reads! =D

Wizardry Student Box _ February 2018

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