Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Fairyloot_ Unboxing January 2018

If you don't guess already i will tell you that i love books! 

I have always wanted to receive a subscription box based on books but i have the problem with the shipping costs (usually they are more expensive than the boxes itself) so when i found Fairyloot i was so so so happy. 

For those of you that do not know about this company, Fairyloot is a UK’s popular book subscription service that gives to you monthly a box filled with bookish goodies and a recent release book. They have a montlhy theme and you could expect a young adult book related to that theme. 
If you want to know more about it here go the Fairyloot Site
For me the box cost 29,34 € (26.00£) and the shipping is 8,35 € (7.13£). 

Without further ado let's get right to the unboxing. 

The January theme was " Talk Faerie to Me"

Let's start with the book of the month, it was The Cruel Prince by Holly Black and i was so happy since this book was in my wish list and i will end up buying it at some point. 
One thing i have to refer is that the book in these boxes comes always in a booksleeve with the fairy design you could see on the box itself, i just love this detail because it shows how much they care for the books and how much effort the put in the details and making sure the costumer received good items. 
Joining the book we have every  month a letter from the author and a signed bookplate, i just love these little touches and they make me sure i will continue to subscribe this for a very long time. 

Also every month we received a bookmark with the theme of the month, i have a collection of bookmarks and omg these designs from the themes are just gorgeous, so i'm so happy they make this a recurrent thing in the boxes. Especially this month we get a set of magnetic bookmarks from ACOTAR that presents Rhys and Feyre in theiIllyrian fighting clothes, i was absolutely in love with those and i'm now considering to buy more and start also a magnetic bookmark collection. 

The biggest thing we get this month is a pillowcase from ACOTAR with the sentence "Only you can decide what breaks you". the design was magnificent, i love the colors and the sentence and this will be living in my bed for sure. 

One of the things i like most (besides books) are candles, so when i receive bookish candles i just went mad =D this box brings a candle featuring a character from the book we received (the cruel prince) and it just smells amazing.  Also related to the book we get a lip balm, you could have received two different kinds (Seelie or Unseelie) and i got the Seelie one, i'm not sure it i will use it or if it will sit in my bookshelf. 

Another thing you could expect, if not every month almost every month, are book prints. As the bookmark we received one from the month theme with the same design, and these month we get more 3 book print. One from the same character that the candle feature, and two from ToG series featuring Rowan and Aelin. The backside of these prints have sentence related so you could use it the way you like best. 

Last we get a coloring book with fairy themes, i like very much to color when i'm listening to audiobooks but i do not know if i will use this one because the designs are so beautiful in black and with. 

I gave this box 4.5 out of 5* i just love it. My favorite item (i will not consider the book) was the magnetic bookmark and the less favorite one was the lip balm. 

The next month theme is "Twisted Tales" and i was so anxious and excited to receive it. I just have a guess what the book will going to be, and let's hope i'm right.  
Do you receive this box? if so tell me what did you think of these month. 

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