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Wizardry Student Box _ February 2018

Unboxing WSB February 2018

Hi guys, today i bring another unboxing but this time it is a totally new subscription box named Wizardry Student Box (WSB) and i will give all the details before i start the review of this month. 

So this is a bimonthly box, it is only released every two months and this one is related with year four of Harry Potter. 

Every box will contain 4 to 7 items Harry Potter related: 

- 1 or 2 handmade items 
- 1 or 2 House related items 
- 1 exclusive item 
- 1 or 2 items related with each school year

 When you subscribe you have to tell your t shirt size and which Hogwarts house you belong to. The box cost me 30 € (about 27,76£) already with shipment and this is only for a month box, you could also chose other payment options: 4 boxes for 115 € (about 106,45£) or 7 boxes for 190 € (about 175,89£).

This box is sponsored by the online shop called "Loja da Magia" and i will leave the sites bellow for you to take a look. 

So without further ado let's start this unboxing =D 
When you open the box this is what you are going to see....

The items this month are all related somehow with the Goblet Of Fire book and i love the idea that each box is about a school year at Hogwarts. Personally this is my favorite book so i was very excited to receive this box. 

The first item we get is a shirt with a very unique design that i just love. It is dark gray with a silhouette of the triwizard cup  painted on it in shades of blue and white, it so simple and yet so complex and i just love the fact that it was hand painted, the quality is amazing and i was so glad to have something that represents the tournament. 

This box also has a replica of the goblet of fire with a little parchment inside (OMG i don't recall what it say..... but i think is something related with you being the Hogwarts champion) and again i really like this item. As i say, goblet of fire is my favorite book and so to have a little replica of the goblet is so so cool, i just wish it was bigger. 

Everyone knows that in the second task Harry eats Gillyweed so to receive a replica of this "disgusting" green herb in a nice touch in this box. It shows that the boxes are thinking to appraise the fans and that they have so much attention to details. We received the usual poster about the year of this box and this one is the one i like the most of all the boxes we have already received.

Finally there is also a notepad with sentences and little designs featuring scenes from the book and a feather pen (i think everyone received green but i would love a blue one) that are now i my collection.

I gave this box 3.7 out of 5*, it is not my favorite so far but it has great items, my two favorites ones are the shirt and the goblet and my less favorite i think was the Gillyweed. In the next box i'm expecting something related with the order of the phoenix and i would love something about the Black family. As for items i would like something different from a shirt since this box is so unusual in that aspect (the fact we don't receive always a shirt is one of the best things about this boxes) i would love different items like a bookmark, a tote bag or a pin for example.

I recommend this box to every Harry Potter Lover out there!!!!

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Wizardry Student Box _ February 2018

Unboxing WSB February 2018 Hi guys, today i bring another unboxing but this time it is a totally new subscription box named  Wizardry...