Thursday, September 14, 2017

What Book should i read in October?

What should i read?

Hi everyone =D i decided to start a monthly quiz for you to choose what will be one of my books for the TBR list of the next month, because i have so many good books that sometimes i could not decided for myself. 

So for October the choices are the following....

King's Cage by 

Midnight's Kiss by 

There is a quiz in the page of the blog where you can vote, in the right bar after the tags.please help me decide what book should i read in October!


  1. I would vote for Kings Cage. My daughter loves this author and is looking forward to reading this book too. I love reading and have enjoyed your suggestions.

  2. Huge Cussler fan but I'm also a romance author so I'd choose Donna Grant!

  3. Midnight Kiss... Love romance novels!

  4. Defiantly Midnight Kiss! I love romance, my favorite genre :)


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