Sunday, May 28, 2017

Harry Potter Primark Haul

Harry Potter Haul

Hi everyone, i'm back for another Harry Potter related post, in this one I will tell you about my last primark haul. 

There are always something about the wizarding world coming up in primark but later I could not find the time to go there and see what's new. So today I went and found amazing things. 

The first item I buy is this door plate. I like it a lot and it only cost me 2€, now it rest in my bedroom door.

I also feel in love with this pyjama. It is a summer one, with a top in navy blue and the shorts in white. 
It cost me 10€, but like all the clothes from there it is super comfortable, so I do not mind paying this price for it. 

Later I buy this shoes, they have a simple design with some harry potter symbols in the front. I like that they are not extremely complex, they are also confortable and I think that they will look amazing with some jeans and a top. 

For a long long time I want something like this item, some decalcs to put on my phone case or something like that. 
So you can imagine how excited i was when I see this at Primark. 

They have a lot of different decalcs. The first sheet is about the Hogwarts crest's, one for each house and one for the Hogwarts symbol all in gold. I really like these and they are the perfect size to put on your phone. 

Next we have some black designs, including the deadly hallows symbol and the mascots of each Hogwarts house. Again they are a size that you can put on your phone. 

The third Sheet is again in gold, and we have various decalcs about Hogwarts. Some are bigger in this one. 

The last one have two different Hogwarts crest's. They are bigger than all the others, you can put then on your computer for example.
All these decals cost me 4€, and again I love them. I will Personalize some covers for my phone with them and later I will make a post about it.

Last but not least I have to show you guys a gift from my co worker's. It was not from primark, but it is Harry Potter related.

I always want to buy it for myself but I did not have the opportunity, it is part of a noble collection of fantastic creatures.
This one is Hedwig (Harry owl) and the gift it to me because my baby dog's name is also Hedwig.

So there are some amazing things in this post, if I have to choose the one I like the most (except Hedwig) it will be the shoes. I hope you like the post feel free to comment and submit if you want to know more about harry potter stuff. 

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