Monday, May 22, 2017

Harry Potter Personalized Order

"Loja da Magia" 

Hi everyone, i'm back for another Harry Potter related post =D 

Like i say in a recent post that i wrote, i'm in Ravenclaw and it is sometimes difficult for me to find merchandise that is from my house.  I’m in a Harry Potter group on Facebook and there I was contacted by an online store that tell me about all the Harry Potter stuff they sell.
So i went to their site to take a look and i fell in love with everything. 

I will leave here the link to the facebook page of the store "Loja da Magia" I hope you go there and find someting you really like! 

So i contact the store to order a personalized t-shirt (i have to tell you guy's that it was very difficult for me not to order more stuff right at the moment) and the response was imediate. 
We talk a little about what design i want, where i want it on the shirt and the color of the shirt also. They gave me so much freedome to do what i want, it was amazing! 

 In the end i really love this design. It is a 
Ravenclaw themed one (of course) with a cartoon feel to it. It is so lovely that i could not resist =D 

The drawing was hand made and the material of the shirt was very confortable. They advised me to wash it with cold water the first times because of the paint. I have aready washed it a couple of times and i have to tell you that i do not have any problem, the design is just perfect like the first day. 

The service in this store was superb, and i have to thank them for it. I order this one to take with me in a trip i do this moth, and they did my order in less then 10 days! 

Since i live in Lisbon i only pay for the actual shirt and it was hand delivery (otherwise you have to pay for postage), this one cost me 18.00€. I consider it a great price, if you think about it. First it was hand made, second it was personalized and finally if you want any harry potter shirt you will pay a lot for it, so this one was a great bargain. 

Also i have to thank "loja da magia" for the attention to details. My order arrived with not only the shirt i pay but it a couple extra itens. 

The first one was a sort of Hogwarts letter with my name on it and the Hogwarts crest in the back. 

It fell so magic to recive this one.... it take me several minutes to decide how to open it, because i do not want to screw up the stamp. 

Inside i found a letter with the details of my order. It was amazing the detail in this one. 

It has the hogwarts crest and the description of the school and the director on top, in the botton there is the store symbol (i have to tell i really like it, just remind me of the deadly hallows symbol).



Last but not least they send me a bookmark =D they could not possibly know that i collect bookmarks and that it was for me personaly a gift that i love. This one went directly to my collection, so i will not use it (i only use the one's that i got twice).


The design of it was really simple, but for me they nailed it. In one side there is a black background with the store symbol.

 In the other side there is the golden trio (Harry, Ron and Hermione). 

 So i just have to thanks the store for these amazing experience, the product is everything i expect and the details make me so happy, 

I deffinitly will order more stuff from you!!!

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