Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hogwarts Sweets

Tasting Harry Potter Sweets 


Hi everyone,  since i went to London this month of course i went to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter, and of course i need to taste some of the sweets that exist in the Harry Potter world. 

Every Harry Potter fan knows about chocolate frogs and the famous Bertie Bott's every flavour beans and also the butterbeer. There are many many different foods, drinks and sweets in this world that are presented to us during the series and i need to taste them all. 

Of course i could not buy them all at once so i choose only two to bring with me this time and one i drink in the studios (you could guess witch one). 

 So let's get started.... The first thing i always have the curiosity to drink was Butterbeer! And let's be honest, you doesn't? Reading the description of this drink in the books always make me want to taste it, and later during the movies it looks so delicious.... So in the studious there is a place where you can buy it and i could not resist. 

 There are different kind of prices for this one, i think it all depends on the glass and size you want your drink in. I was counting on getting the mug that you could bring home with you but the price was so much more.... that i decide not to. 

So i end up getting the smaller one in a regular cup , and i have to tell you guy's that i really like it. I was not expecting it to be a fizzy drink, since i never read anything that says it, but the cream on top was so delicious just like i imagine it. 

I really want to taste a hot butterbeer, the one in the studios was cold like a soda, but the one they describe in the books was not. I don't know if there is any place that sells them that way, but if there is i definitely need to taste it. In general i like the flavor and i love the top cream, but i was a little disappointed that it was not exactly like the description.  

The next item i buy was the Bertie Bott's every flavour beans. 
It cost me 8.99£ in the studios gift shop, i do not think it was cheap but i can understand the price of it. 

In the movies the packing seems a little bigger,but once you opens it there are several beans to taste and a little paper with a legend of the flavors you are going to find.

I always thought that the "bad" flavors will not be included or that if they are is was only to compose the package, but i was so wrong.... the first one i eat really taste of soap and later my mother taste one that she describe like dirt. 

It was really fun to eat the beans without knowing what you will get, and i decide that i want to eat the rest of them during a Harry Potter movie session to really appreciate the magic. 

 Last but not least i could not go home without a chocolate frog. 
I really like the package in this one, it is beautiful and i want one for my bookshelf at home. I also pay 8.99£ for this one.

The frog itself surprise me, first i assume it would be hollow, again i was wrong. It was big and the chocolate was delicious, milk chocolate. I eat it with my family and they love it as well. 

Also i was so excited to know witch card i would get from this one. Every chocolate frog give you a card of a famous witch or wizard. I want to make all the collection but the first two i really need is Albus Dumbledore and Rowena Ravenclaw. 

So you could imagine my happiness when i open the box i a see the card of Rowena Ravenclaw.

I really like this item, i think if i want to choose my favorite of the three it would be this one, ans definitely i will buy more of these to make my chocolate frog card collection.


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