Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Personalized Sneakers

Ravenclaw Personalized Sneakers

I think that everyone has a great passion for something in this life, mine is for Harry Potter!!! Like most people i'm always looking for stuff that i can buy that makes reference to my passions, but sometimes it is difficult to find. 

In the Harry Potter world there is several merchandise that you can buy, but again it is sometimes impossible to find exactly want you have in mind. I have to say that i was sorted into Ravenclaw and that here in Portugal, when there is products related to HP they tend to be Gryffindor and sometimes Slytherin but never the other houses. 

For this reason i'm always looking for great oportunidades online, and i have to tell you that this one was amazing. I found an online shop that makes personalized stuff, since t-shirts to sneakers, and i fell in love with it, the name EAZII

I will leave here the link to their Facebook page "". I contact them from there and the service is very good, they respond after few hours and inform me of the prices and what is allowed in the design of the product that i want. 

In the end i decided to buy a Ravenclaw personalized Sneakers =D 

The color of the shoes is always white but you choose how to create them. If you want a logo or a photo, if you want it big (like the mine) or various small ones, if there is some type of writing or not, basically you choose want you want most. 
I want the Ravenclaw logo on it and the sentence "Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure", and i think it turn out brilliant. 

The quality of the shoe is great, i have to tell you that i used mine almost all the time and that they are super comfortable, last week i went to London in a trip and i taken them with me. 
I walk almost all day and they are amazing (i also take my boots that in the end of the first day make my feets hurt so much that i could not make myself use them another day). 

I also have washed them already (because they are white, it tend to get a little dirt) in the wash machine with cold water, and the design did not fade.  

I have to tell you that i loved them and probably will de doing another pair with photos of my little dog, the price is 35€ (i think it is pretty acceptable to the product that it is) and the encomende take almost two weeks to arrive by mail after i first contact them (witch is super fast). 

I'm a happy client for sure =D and i have to congratulate Eazii for this amazing service and the opportunity that we can choose exactly what we want. 

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