Monday, May 29, 2017

Book Review: Midnight's Warrior by Donna Grant

Midnigth's Warrior

By Donna Grant

This is the 4 book in the Dark Warrior's serie by Donna Grant. This series is a continuation of the Dark Sword series by the same author and the characther in this one are all the warriors we meet in the other books.

This book in particular is about Ramsey, the quiet and thinkful warrior that has a great secret and Tara a druid that is in a run from everyone.
We have meet Tara in the last book of the series when she run away from the warriors because she think that they are evil, now Ramsey received a professy that tells him that the fate of Tara rest's in his hands. 

This is a great book, I love the fact that in this series we get to see all the past characters and I really think that Tara is the perfect match for Ramsey. i enjoy the love story between these two but most of all in this book i enjoy the story of the toarchill druids.

I have to confess that i do not expect this ending.... <SPOILER> declan's death.... Oh my god. i was thinking that after dreide's death declan would last a couple more books but what a surprise.... i do not like him (of course) but i think that a bad guy is always a necesity in a book. now i imagine that Jason (i do not recall if it was his name or not) that appears in the end of the book will become bad. <SPOILER>

I really love this world created by Donna and i can't wait to read more and to know if they are going to find the spell to bound their gods or not.

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