Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Book Review: While the Light Lasts (Hercule Poirot #41) by Agatha Christie

While the Light Lasts 

"These early short stories showcase Christie's talents across a range of styles from romance to the supernatural. Though these are not all crime stories, they reflect Christie's ability to deliver an unexpected twist in the tale.

The House of Dreams
The Actress
The Edge
Christmas Adventure
The Lonely God
Manx Gold
Within a Wall
                                        The Mystery of the Baghdad Chest
                                        While the Light Lasts"

My Review: 

I get this book a little by impulse after i finished Murder on the Orient Express and when i decided to buy more books from Christie i stumble upon this one in a promotion 1=2.

When i read the blurb i do not get the right impression about what type of book this was, in reality this is a collection of short stories written by the author during her life and not a full book.
Personally i do not like this format because the stories are so small that we can´t get the felling we normally got from her books, i mean there is not the sense of empathy with the characters neither the enthusiasm about discovering who the murder is and why she/he did it.

I gave 1,7 out of 5 * to this one, in general the stories are well written and my favorite one was "Manx Gold" but i was expecting more and i would love to see this collection of stories completely developed and with a full book for each one of them.

I only recommend this book to someone who likes really short stories and doesn't mind the little explanation about the plot line and the character's.

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