Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Book Review: Lilith's Puppet (From The Shadows Book 1) by Richard Le Tourneau

Lilith's Puppet 

The year is 1810, five children stumble onto an ancient, terrifying secret that will affect the rest of their lives. While playing near an old oak at the edge of the forest, Henry, Howard, Rachel, Phillip and Thalia come across an age-old artefact that will unleash an unimaginable evil that will follow them to adulthood.

My Review: 

*** This book was given to me by the author to read and review. Although the opinions in here are all my own ***

The first thing i notice when i open the file that was send to me was the image on the cover, it was a little bit dark and sinister and make me think of a terror movie. I guess one could say that this is the type of cover that makes an impression at first glance. 

So i would like to start this review saying that i read a little bit of every genre but terror and horror one's are not my favorites and really not my type. That said the writing style is simple enough but for me the language is sometimes a little bit crude, i understand this use in this story and i guess it makes sense considering the plot but the author could have use more variations of some terms that are not so forthcoming. 

This book is divided between two key times during the life of the main characters, their infancy and later their adult life. I like this time lapse because in books that begin with very young characters i like to be able to see what happen to them after they grow up. 

For me the final of the book was lacking, i fell like in the end i miss something. I don't know if it was a better explanation about what happen to the main characters but i was left with the felling this story have not ended yet.... i do not know if this was the idea of the author or not to not finish things completely because he can return to this plot sometime and make a sequel. 

I end up only giving this book 1.8 out of 5* manly because i do not like this genre of books very much and not because i think the book was bad. I think it would be an amazing Halloween read and that for people you like terror and horror stories i would recommend they give this author a go. 

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