Saturday, April 15, 2017


Hi everyone, 

I'm Carla and i'm from Portugal. I have so many different interests that when i think to start a blog i could not choose just one theme to make it about, so the idea to start a miscellaneous blog come to me. 

I love books and in my life i could not go without them, so a huge part of this blog will be about reading. I will do reviews, talk about some promotions and huge bargains that i find and also talk about all the literature challenges i'm doing in the moment. 

Another one of my passions / obsessions is Harry Potter! I’m completely and irreversibly a Potterhead. This is the first series of books that I read (I have to confess that before this books i do not like to read, shame on me…) and since I discover the wizarding world i have been in love with it.  

I have a lot of other interests like photography, travels, nails art, ect… and I will be talking a little bit about them too. Also the most important thing for me is my baby girl Hedwig. She is a little terrier and she make me so happy that I could not exclude her from this blog.

So I hope you guys like this one and let’s started!

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