Friday, April 21, 2017

Book Review: Tom Riddle's Schooldays: Masquerade by David Styles

Tom Riddle's Schooldays: Masquerade

story's from this world i came across this site:
So this is the 3º book in Tom Riddle's Schooldays series and i have to say that i'm loving these books so far. I always want to know more about the past of voldemort and also about the marauders (i wish that Rowling would write something about it) but since she doesn't i guess that David Styles is a pretty good alternative. I know that this one is just a fanfic but it's so much like going back to Hogwarts, the story is well written and it has references to the harry potter books and it makes us feel like it is part of the original series. 
In this one, i was so please to see Hagrid.... it breaks my heart when his father dies.... poor thing! We are also presented to moaning myrtle (in the ravenclaw table, when Tom goes to the Christmas dinner there). I was socked with both Marca and Jana in this book.... what a secret to keep..... And also i start to see more of voldemort in Tom in this one.... 

The only thing that makes me sad is that i have only one books left to read.... please David can you keep writing the entire 7 books???

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