Sunday, October 15, 2017

Book Tag : "7 Reader Facts"

7 Reader Facts 

This is actually a #Instagram Tag that was given to me by @Booklepuff and i love it so much that i need to write a post about it. 

So let's start with the snooping facts.... 

1. Book that gave me a hangover?

There are many books that gave me hangovers, and I mean this in a good way. I will mention the 2017 book reads that I could not put down and after I finished them I have to wait to start a new one because I could not stop thinking about them. 
The darkest torment by Gena Showalter
The one by Kierra Cass 
The apprentice by Tess Gerritsen

2. Book you're too lazy to read?

I really want to start reading classic books but I have to admite that until this point I'm being to lazy to read them. I hope to change it soon...

3. Book you always recommend?

There are many books I recommend by I will tell the most recent one. Just a few weeks ago I recommend the LOTU's series by Gena Showalter to a friend of mine. She already read the first book and she loves it. 

4. Book you will always reread?

Usually I do not like to re read books, because I know that there is many good books out there that I still have to read so why do bother reading something that I already know? 
The exception however I the harry potter series, I reread it once per year. 

5. Book that made you swoon?

I'm so emotional that almost every book make me feel something, I will admite that many books have make me cry already, but few have make swoon. The one I remember the best is the Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix when sirius died.

6. Favourite male author?

I realize doing this tag that I do not have favourite male authors but I will say the one's I read more.
James Rollins
Clive Cussler
Rick Yancey

7. Favourite female author?

Opposite to the male author's I have many female one's that I really love. 
J. K. Rowling
Gena Showalter
Anne Bishop
Larissa Ione
Donna Grant
Camilla Lackberg 

I really enjoy answering this tag and I hope you will also like it. Fell free to comment your answers and also leave me another tags to do. 

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  1. That was a good read Carla. I love female authors too esp. J.K. Rowling:)


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