Thursday, October 26, 2017

Book Review: Vampire University (Vampire University #1) by V.J. Erickson

Vampire University 


I obtain this book free of charges from Amazon and i have it for quite some time in my TBR list. It is a new to me author and i think i have already heard about this series but i'm not sure where or when. 

So i decided to read it this month but i have to say i regret this decision.... The book has a easy to read language and a very simple writing that you can read without thinking to much about it, yet i think this is a very confusing book. Let me explain it a little bit better, in the first book of a new series i always expect some introduction to the world the author has created as well as the different creatures that inhabit it, in this book i do not get any explanation. 

The plot is very fast paced and the situations happens out of thin air, which is very confusing for the reader. I fell like there is no background for the plot and i do not like it at all. 
I have a small amount of curiosity about what will happen to the characters in future books but i do not think it is enough to read them. 

I gave this book 1 out of 5*, it was really disappointing...

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