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Geekgear box_ World of Wizardry August 2017

Unboxing WoW August 2017

Hi guys, i'm back for another unboxing, this one is the geek gear box for August 2017. 

For those of you who do not know this box, it is a monthly subscription one with a price of 19.99 £ (about 22.68 €) and a shipping cost outside UK of 5.99£ (about 6.69 €). It always brings a t shirt and more 5 or 6 items all related to the wizarding world of Harry Potter.  

Every month we received clues about what the box will going to contain, and the clues for August were: 
1- Dobby
2- Luna Lovegood
3- House related item

So without further ado let's start with this month goodies =D 

The first thing you can get in this box is a Hermione plush doll. 

I have to be honest i do not love it, first thing i can't understand why the legs are animal like and second i'm not a plush person. 
I understand that many fans will love it and add it to their collection but i personally gave all my plush to my baby dog Hedwig. So this goes the same path and i will tell you that the first minute i gave it to her she loved it and do not let go again. 

For the past 3 months geek gear gave in each box a collective enamel pin that was part of an exclusive collection they made. 

In these pins you can get different options based on the color of them, a regular one a silver one and a gold one. 

This month i receive a regular one and the figure of this pin is Professor Mcgonagall with a little cat. 

I really like collectible pins and these ones are so adorable i just hope they will continue to include them in all their boxes. 

All or almost all Harry Potter fans want to have the Horcruxes collection and of course i'm one of them. 
I always want to buy the diadem of Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff cup and Tom Ridlle ring and you could not imagine my reaction when i see this item in this month box, i think i almost cry with joy. 

It is not as big as the noble collection item but i think it is a great replica. This will be definitively put in exposition in my Harry Potter shelf. 
I only hope that geek gear will send all the other Horcruxes too (a girl can dream) 

This month they send us a lot of prints but i will start showing you guys this one of Luna because it is a certificated one. 

Like you already know Luna is one of my favorite characters so i was very pleased to see this print and i have already put it on a frame in my bedroom wall. 

Next is a house themed poster and this one is of Ravenclaw because when i subscribed this box i choose this house, you could get the other houses posters if you have chosen them instead. 

The design they send in this poster is also one i have on a shirt of mine that i really love, so i will put it to good use for sure. 

The last print in this box also came with a two option deliver. You guys could get this one like i did or the same patterns but in a black and white version. 

I personally prefer this colors because i think it giver a darker vibe to this print. 

The shirt of this month is incredible =D it is dobby related and i really like the cartoon feel of it. 
I think if i could i would only change the color to  light blue. 

So in resume this month we received a shirt, 3 prints and another 3 collectible items. 
If someone ask me to choose the thing i liked most out of these lot i will say the Hufflepuff Cup and the less favorite the Hermione Plush. 

When i see the hints for this month i imagine that we would receive Luna's Wand and that the Pin would be with Dobby, i'm really glad that the Luna article was not the Wand since i already have it on my collection but i will definitely like a Dobby pin =D

I hope you like this unboxing and i have to tell you that next week i will have a special unboxing from a exclusive box released for September.

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