Sunday, August 6, 2017

New Wand Collection_ Wand #1

Vine Wood and Unicorn Core 

Hi guy's i'm back for another Harry Potter related post. I like almost HP fans love all the merchandize from the universe that was created by J.K.Rowling and of course it includes wands. 

I always have the dream of buying my own wand and I'm always imagining what it would be like. Now I decided to make some experiences as wand maker and I really want your opinion on the end result. 

So the first wand I made is a simple one with a spiral pattern all over it and some leafs on the bottom. 
I choose a brown almost like ground tone to paint this wand. 

It was built with white clay and a tricot nail for support. And here are some imagens I hope you guy's like it 😆

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