Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Sirius Black Wand & Gift

"Loja da Magia" 

Hi guys, i'm back for another Harry Potter related post!!! This time i was contacted via Facebook by the manager from Loja da Magia (an online store that sells Harry Potter stuff) and they tell me that they are having an event where if you buy a wand they offer you a stick. 

I'm doing the collection of all Harry Potter characters wands (i have only 3 so far, but eventually i want them all) so i could not let pass this amazing opportunity. Also i buy a new car this month and i was thinking of buying a stick to put on it, so this was a excellent combination for me. 

The problem here was to choose the wand and the stick, i could tell you that they have 13 wands in stock and 8 different sticks to offer... What a difficult job!!!! 

I end up choosing the Wand of my personal favorite character, Sirius Black!

The package was so simple but at the same time it was exactly what i would expect it to be, if i was a witch and i went to Ollivander's to buy my own wand. 

So i have to give 5 * in the presentation of the order.

When i open the paper this is what i see!!!

Additional to the wand and the offer stick they also send me a personalized letter with the Hogwarts stamp and a bookmark. 

Again the attention put in the order was amazing, i really love the little letter and i'm keeping it as souvenir.

As for the bookmark i'm really happy they send me another since i collect them and i only use one if i have it repeated. This way i could use this one on my books and keep the first for my collection. 

The box of the wand also have amazing details all over it, like the name of the character on

the side and a certification of
Ollivander's quality on top.

On the inside it is cushioned and has two little fabric strips on each side to better protect the wand.

It makes you feel like you are really buying an authentic product from Ollivander's.

The detail's in the wand again are breath taking!!!

This was one of my favorites but seeing it up close... i can tell you guy's that i was speechless, and the quality of the materials are very good. You can feel that it is not a plastic product and that it is heavy and robust.

The stick i end up choosing, is one with the word ALWAYS written with symbols.

I confess that i want a Harry Potter tattoo for 3 years now, but i could not choose the design and i do not have the guts to do one yet.
A design that i have considered for the tattoo is this one, i like it a lot because only a true harry potter fan can understand it.
The word always transmit me an enormous force and the symbols are really outside the box, if you know what i mean, so i'm very happy that now at least i could have it on my car.

Talking about prices, the wands are sold for 29.99 € ( about 26.32£) and the stick has a price of 7 € (about 6.14 £), so in total i only pay 29.99 € since the stick was a offer and i do not pay shipping because i went to pick it personally.

Let's be honest, it is not the most cheap wand you can buy but if you want a good product you will not pay less that this amount, and this store is excellent in the service and they do an amazing work with the orders, so i definitely recommend them and will continue to buy too.

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