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Geekgear box_ World of Wizardry May 2017

Unboxing WoW May 2017

Hi guys hope you are doing fine, i'm back for another unboxing post this one for the May 2017 geek gear box.

For those of you who do not know this box, it is a monthly subscription one with a price of 19.99 £ (about 22.68 €) and a shipping cost outside UK of 5.99£ (about 6.69 €). It always brings a t shirt and more 5 or 6 items all related to the wizarding world of Harry Potter.  

Every month we received clues about what the box will going to contain, and the clues for May are: 
1 - Chocolate frog
2 - Dementors
3 - Hogwarts TM (exclusive item from the fisrt movie)

I have to tell you guys that the actual package has changed this month, and the box is now black with the glass and lightning bolt symbol all over it. 

When you open the box, this is what you are going to see. 
This is a Ravenclaw box (since i'm in this house) so the paper that is in the box is blue and all the items that are house related are going to be ravenclaw one's. 

This is the heaviest box that i have received from them since i subscribed and i was so curious to discover why!

So let's begin with the content of this month.... 

The first thing we have in this box is a silicone mold with the shape of frogs. 
We have here the answer to the first clue (chocolate frog) but i have to tell you that i'm using it to make ice cubes. 

I was not expecting this.... let's be honest i was expecting a chocolate frog or a pin but not this item that we received... i do not know if i like it or not, i don't think i will use it that much... But let's see!

The next item was a bracelet, in my case a blue one with some features of Ravenclaw personalities in it: Creativity, Smart, Clever, Sharp and Calm. I do not use this kind of bracelet so i will keep it in my bookshelf next to my harry potter collection. 

The second clue, was explained by this mug. It has a complex design, with harry face surrounded by dark shadows, that at closer inspection turn out to be Dementors. 
The background of the design is a vivid red that turns it a little bit dramatic or better said spooky. 

I really like Harry Potter mugs and have a great collection of them, this particular one is not  something i would pick in a store, because of the design but since it was given to me i will definitely use it. 

The explanation of why this box was so heavy is this item, a lunch box. I have to tell you guy's that i really love the design of this one, there are several drawings that are related to Harry Potter like the sorting hat, the goblet of fire or the snitch. 

I will not use it as a lunch box but i was thinking of using it to keep some of the letters i received and some bookmarks from my collection. 

Next we are given a notebook with the same features from our house that we have on the bracelet. 
I really love that this one has de original colors of ravenclaw (blue and bronze) and inside we have the ravenclaw crest in all the pages at the bottom. 
I love notebooks and stuff like that but i don't think i will use it, because i want this one in my collection and if i use it, it will end up ruined.

The print this month is one of my favorites, it is a scene from the first movie when harry and all the fisrt year students see hogwarts for the first time in the boats. I really love this scene in the movie and in the book and it makes a beautiful print, think i will frame and hang it on my hall.
I'm not sure if this is the answer to the last clue or if the next item is because both of them are exclusive from the first movie.

The shirt this month is a light blue with several flying key all over it. I have to be honest, this is the tshirt i like less from all of the boxes i have received.
I will still use it but i think it will be like a pyjama or something similar.

In general i do not love this box, i think from all the months this one is the worst and i hope the june box can compensat this.

So my favorite item from this box .... I have to choose the notebook, as for the less liked item.... Well this time is a dificult choice, but i think the chocolate frog silicone mold.

I hope you guys enjoy this post, leave a comment telling me what your favorite item is and follow my blog for more harry potter related posts.

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