Monday, June 19, 2017

Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 Haul

Platform 9 3/4 Haul

Hi everyone, welcome to another Harry Potter related post! 

In this one i will be talking about the Platform 9 & 3/4 shop, which is located at King's Cross Station in London. There is also an online shop and i will leave the link below if you want to go and take a look. 

I went to London last month and i could not resist going to king's cross and of course once there i feel in love with this shop. The entrance is magnificent and there is some amazing items in the storefront like you can see in the picture, once i was inside i have so much difficulty to choose what i want to buy (because i want everything).

Since i could not bring all the shop with me in the airplane i have to select a few things to buy, so i decided for this following items. 

I think you already know that i'm a proud Ravenclaw, so i could not exist the store without some House products.

The first thing i buy and that is related to my house is this hair tie. It is a lovely blue with some white stripes and has a hook on the back that allows you to place it in your hair.
It cost me 3.95£ (about 4.51 €) and i think it is a fair price, it is not cheap (none of the harry potter merchandise is) but it is durable and i have used it many times since i bought.

The next and last thing from Ravenclaw that i brought with me is a pen. It's a simple blue one with the Ravenclaw symbol and word in it and it cost me 5.95£ (about 6.79 €).
The ink is black which i prefer and it is a little heavy (for me there is no problem in it). 

The other pen i choose is related to Hedwig. 
For those of you that don't know i have a baby dog and i named her Hedwig, so when i see this pen i decided that i needed it so bad. 
Again it has black ink, but this one is less heavy and for me is almost too thin. It also cost me 4.95£ (about 5.65 €).

The last item i buy in this shop was a necklace. I have to tell you guys that i was so undecided about what to bring the deadly hallows symbol or the golden snitch. 
In the last moment i decided for the golden snitch just because i already have one with the deadly hallows, but now i'm sorry i did not bought the pair. 
It cost me 8.95£ (about 10.21 €) which is a good price, of course you could find cheaper necklaces of harry potter online but this one is a great quality, i have used it so many times and it is not rusty. 

I could not choose one item that i like most because i like them all, i was so sorry that i could not buy many more things but the next time i go to London this shop is a definite stop. 

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