Monday, June 5, 2017

Book Review: Dance_ Cinderella Retold by Demelza Carlton

Dance_ Cinderella Retold

by Demelza Carlton

The better way to describe this book is, Cinderella meets Mulan.
In this retold of cinderrela, we meet Mai a dutiful daugther that lives for her father since her mother pass away, but also a very talented figther in matial arts.

When her father return to court the emperor decided that he has to marry again and Jing becames Mai stepmother. like in all cinderella's story, Mai has to make all the chores in the house and when a messager arrives to sumon her father to war, she decided that she will go in his place (here enters the Mullan part).

Desgised as a boy Mai end's up best friend to prince Yi, the heir to the throne, but her feelings for him are not friendly at all. At the same time, they both discover the better way to win the war they are at and return to court where Yi have to find a bride.

I do not have to tell you what was the end to this book, of course that they end up together!!! I like this side of cinderella, where the woman is fierce and figths for what she believes. The book is not big and the writting is easy reading so i end up reading it in a day or two.
I recomend this one was a little read to pass the time and unwind your head between complicated readings.

My Rating: 3/5*

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