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Geekgear box_ World of wizarding April 2017

Unboxing WoW April 2017

 The geek gear is a company that offers you a monthly subscription box with itens from a theme. 
There are three different box's that you can buy:
1. Geek gear (GG)
2. World of wizarding (WoW)
3. World of wizarding wearable (WoWw)

These box's give you access to several items from the theme month for a price of 19.99£ plus shipping. They usually are dispatched between 21 and 24 of each month. 
Here is the link to the site where you can buy this box: http://www.geekgearbox.co.uk/

Since i live in Portugal i can tell you that I pay 29,45€ and my box arrived usually in the last week of the month or the first week of the next one. The box I'm subscribed to is the WoW, in this one you get to choose which Hogwarts house you want your box to be.
I'm a Ravenclaw so my box is also featuring that house, this means that if there is any house related item in the box, mine will be Ravenclaw.

Each month they give some clues about the theme, the clues for the April box were: 
1. Hermione
2. 3 house itens related 
3. flying 

So i think it is time for me to present the WoW April 2017 box. 

This is the aspect of the box, it will arrive evolved in plastic and when you open it, this is what you will going to see. 

I have to tell you that all the times that i received this box it arrived in great condition, and that i love the design of these box's, so i tend to keep them after. 

Every time you open the box, you will see a paper tissue in the house color that you choose in the subscription(mine is blue for Ravenclaw). 

There is always a t-shirt in this box, some prints and between 4 to 6 additional itens. 

The first item that i received this month is a replica of Hermione wand. 
There are different options with this item, you could received a original one, a gold one or a silver one. 
The rate to received a golden wand was 1 in every 50 box's, and the silver was 1 in every 25 box's. 

Before i open mine i was hoping for a regular, because i'm starting to collect all the character's wands and i do not have Hermione, but after i see it in silver i fall in love. 
The feel of the wand is amazing, it is heavy and the material is very hard. 

The next 2 itens are a pin and some stickers. 

The pin is amazing i really like it, and it was the reference to the third clue that we received (flying). It is a flying key, from the Harry Potter and the Philosopher stone, and the wings in this one move. 

The  Stickers are from Fantastic Beast, and i like them as well (of course they are HP related) but i'm still deciding if and where i will use them. 

This is the first poster that was in the box, and it is a two sided one. 

I really like posters, and i'm thinking of put some of them in a frame, in this case i do not know what side i will choose because i like them both. 

The second poster is a "ok" one for me, i do not love it and i think i will not display it in my house but i will definitely keep it in my Harry Potter stuff. It has a phrase from Rowling, but again it is not one of my favorites.

Next we are given a pair of socks, all black with the glass and lightning symbol on it. 
They are very soft and confortable. 

I have to tell you guys that there is also a pair of shoelaces with the colors of each house, but when i take the photos, i had already used mine on my sneakers (shame on me).  

The print this month is one from harry potter and the chambers of secrets, the scene where Harry and Ron go to the forbidden forest to speak with Aragog. 

I like the colors and the design but i'm not a fan of spiders and because of it i think i will not display it in my house either. 

Last but not least, this month t-shirt. 
I have to tell you that so far this is my favorite one, i love black clothes and the fact that this one is a house item, only make it better. 

You can tell that the design of the shirt is the same of used for one of the poster's, and if your box was for one of the other houses, the print on the shirt will change. 

I have already used mine and i have to tell you that it is very soft and it goes amazing with some jeans or clack trousers.  

In resume i really like this month box, if i have to choose the item i like most i probably would say the Shirt or the Wand, the item i liked the least will be the second poster

Speaking as a huge Harry Potter fan, i have to say that yes this box is a little expensive (for people living outside UK) but it gives great stuff. I always struggle with the itens that are disposable in the stores in my country because there is almost none from Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, so this is a amazing way of receiving some itens from that houses, and let's be honest here, it is incredible to received a box full of Harry Potter related stuff each and every month. 

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