Monday, October 9, 2017

Book Review: Midwinter Sacrifice (Malin Fors #1) by Mons Kallentoft

Midwinter Sacrifice 

An investigation consists of a mass of voices, the sort you can hear, and the sort you can't. You have to listen to the soundless voices, Malin. That's where the truth is hidden.'

The snow covered all the tracks, as the killer knew it would. But it couldn't hide the victim, the man who now hung naked from a lonely tree on a frozen plain.

Malin Fors is first on the scene. A thirty-one-year-old single mother, Malin is the most talented and ambitious detective on the Linkoping police force, but also the most unpredictable. She must lead the investigation while keeping her fractured life on the rails.

No one knows the identity of the dead man. Or perhaps no one ever wanted to know. When all the voices of the investigation have fallen silent, Malin can rely only on herself and her own instincts. And as she follows in the frigid wake of the killer, Malin begins to discover just how far the people in this small town are willing to go to keep their secrets buried.

My Review:

I see this book for the first time in Lisbon Book Fair 2017 and i fell in love with the cover and the general idea of the plot. I really like Camilla Lackberg books and when i see this one it reminds me of them, so i decided that i would give this author a chance. 

My first impressions are a little bit confusing, the writing style in this book is not one i'm accustomed with  and it's so different that only at 2/3 of the book i get to ignore it and focus only on the plot. At the same time i really like the mystery and i always was super curious to know more about it.

There are some things i do not understand in the book like the POV from the victim after death, i think it add nothing to the story whatsoever and it's a little morbid. However there are things that i like a lot especially the dimension of the chapters. Let me explain, i do hate when i'm reading a book and have to stop in the middle of a chapter and since i read at the public transportation it unfortunately happens sometimes. In this book it does not happen because the chapters are very small, also i think it helps to balance the difficulty of the writing style. 

The characters in this series are very complex and sometimes disturbing but i do like the main ones, i feel some empathy and want to know more about them in future books. About the killer i will only say that i do not guess who it was 100% but it was one of my main suspects. I understand why the author chose this killer and the motifs are so well made that it could not be other person. There is a question that is not answered in the final of the book and it get me so frustrated! I really hope that it get's solved in the next book but i do not believe it and i think that for the plot it was so important.

I gave this book a rate of 3.5 out of 5*, it could not be more because of the style but i really like this mystery and i will definitively read the next books of this series. 

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