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Wizardry Student Box _ August 2017

Unboxing WSB August 2017

Hi guys, today i bring another unboxing but this time it is a totally new subscription box named Wizardry Student Box (WSB) and i will give all the details before i start the review of this month. 

So this is a bimonthly box, it is only released every two months and the first one was released in August 2017. 
Every box will contain 4 to 7 items Harry Potter related: 
- 1 or 2 handmade items 
- 1 or 2 House related items 
- 1 exclusive item 
- 1 or 2 items related with each school year

 When you subscribe you have to tell your t shirt size and which Hogwarts house you belong to. The box cost me 30 € (about 27,76£) already with shipment and this is only for a month box, you could also chose other payment options: 4 boxes for 115 € (about 106,45£) or 7 boxes for 190 € (about 175,89£).

This box is sponsored by the online shop called "Loja da Magia" and i will leave the sites bellow for you to take a look.

So without further ado let's start this unboxing =D

So when you open the box this is what you are going to see. 

 Let me talk a little about the package, i personally like the simplicity of this box in terms of packaging because it makes me feel like a real wizard receiving orders from Diagon Alley. I also like a lot the little blue stamp that you guys can see in the image, it is the Hogwarts crest and i think mine is blue because i'm a Ravenclaw student. 

I think they were extremely careful with the order and with the way they packed things and they try to make sure nothing will be broken in the mail so in my opinion 5 * for packing. 

 The only thing i think they could change is the design of the exterior box, it could include some mention of what subscription it is and not be all plain but since this is the first box i understand. 

I have to confess that i went nuts when i see this package =) because i see the little note that says "The wand choose the wizard" . 

Like you guys know already i'm doing the wand collection of all characters but to have my own wand is something i always want, so it is amazing to receive one in this box.

 The wand that chose me is a metallic purple with a gemstone at the bottom like you can see in these images. 

 It is not to heavy and the length is perfect for me =D i was so happy with it. 

In the little paper with the description of all items i read that each box have a different and personalized wand and i think it to be a great touch to this box. 

We you open the other package this is what you are going to see. 

 The guide with all the items of this book was printed in a paper that resemble the marauders map, again i like it and i think it is a good little detail. 

 I was expecting to see a t shirt and when i open this i do not see any so i was for a second disappointed, but them....
OH My God!!!!!

 They include the new philosopher stone house edition in the box! 

 I could not tell you guys how happy i am with this book. Earlier today i went to Fnac and i was with this copy in my hands , but i decided not to buy it yet .

Now i'm so so so happy that i do not buy it and that this box brings it to me. The books are house related so if you subscribe with for example Slytherin you are receiving the green copy of this book. 

In my honest opinion i prefer this one to a shirt for sure!

The next item is a replica of the Hogwarts Express ticket .

I do not have one yet so i again was glad that they include this in the box, and i'm thinking i will put it on a frame and hang it on my wall. 

Next we received a poster with the famous sentence " it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live" from Dumbledore also with a owl shape and the Hogwarts express silhouette.

The last items in this month box are two little bottles of potions with the description of Amortentia and Felix Felicis and a sorting hat key chain.

I like them and i think i will put them in my shelf next to my other harry potter stuff.

In resume this month box have 7 items and of course my favorite one is the book followed close by the wand, if i have to choose a less favorite item i think it will be the key chain. 

I will order the next box of course and it will be delivered next October, i'm expecting something Halloween related since it comes in that time of year and also some shirt but since this one surprised me so much i do not know if i will be right with my guesses or not. 

Also i'm very curious to see the other wands that people received with this fantastic box so if you order one of those please let me know and show some pictures of it =D 

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