Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Book Review: A Sombra da Sereia_ Fjällbacka #6 by Camilla Läckberg

A Sombra da Sereia (Fjällbacka #6)

by Camilla Läckberg

"Christian Thydell’s dream has come true: his debut novel, The Mermaid, is published to rave reviews. So why is he as distant and unhappy as ever?

When crime writer Erica Falck, who discovered Christian’s talents, learns he has been receiving anonymous threats, she investigates not just the messages but also the author’s mysterious past…

Meanwhile, one of Christian’s closest friends is missing. Erica’s husband, Detective Patrik Hedström, has his worst suspicions confirmed as the mind-games aimed at Christian and those around him become a disturbing reality.

But, with the victims themselves concealing evidence, the investigation is going nowhere. Is their silence driven by fear or guilt? And what is the secret they would rather die to protect than live to see revealed?

International bestseller Camilla Läckberg delivers a chilling and suspenseful mystery that will grip the reader right until its staggering final twist…"

My Review:

We are already sure that a book from Camilla Läckberg will leave you with your heart in your hands and little desire to do anything but reading.

I have to tell you guys that there is no other author that creates a better crime scene than this one, and i just can't predict which will be the ending of her books because in every and single one of them there is a twist that takes me of my feets.

The Drowning (A sombra da sereia) is the 6 book of the series that takes place in Fjallbacka, a little Sweden town where lives Inspector Patrick and his writer wife Erica. These characters are presented to us in the first book and now they are almost part of the family, i feel that i know them personally and this is the amazing thing with Camilla's writing. 

She builds so many traces of the characters personalities that you believe that they are real persons and you are so interested in know more about them and their lives. The same goes for the effort that she put in the crime and the reasons beyond it!

This particular book begins with Christian, a friend of Erica and a fellow writer that have been introduced to us in the previous book (The Hidden Child). He just release his first book and at the same time one of his best friends go missing and he and other 2 friends start receiving anonymous letters from someone with so much hate for them. 
All goes to hell when Magnus, the person missing is found death in the ocean and a murder investigation begins. 

I will not enter in spoilers in this review because i don't think anyone out there would like to know more about this mystery before reading it, i can only say that it is worth every hour you will spend reading it and prepare yourself to not do much stuff while you do not finish it. 

All her book seems so real and i caught myself thinking about the details and about the plot even after i finish them, so i have to give 4.5 out of 5* to this one. 

I'm so so curious about the next book of this series because OMG the ending of this one is breathtaking! 

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